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3 Signs Your Bathroom Is Asking to Be Remodeled

However, you can probably push your luck and stretch it out to 10 years. However, keep an eye on these tell-tale signs that show a bathroom remodel is overdue.

Lack of Functionality

Bathrooms are meant to be one of the most functional spaces in any house. And they should remain so as long as you're living there. And it's entirely possible that over time your needs may change as the family grows, which means you need to remodel it to make it functional for the present.

For instance, since now you have kids, maybe a double-bowl vanity could save time in the mornings. Or, since your daughter is older, perhaps she needs more counter space or better lighting in the bathroom.

In Your Face Sort of Damage

Even if you use the best quality materials and fixtures, they will show signs of aging over time. It's only natural since bathrooms are heavily used spaces. But sometimes, these damages can really start to make the space look uninviting.

For instance, peeling paint, cracked tiles, leaky faucets, stains on the sink, tub, or toilet that just wouldn't go away. However, if you see water damage, it could also be hinting at a greater underlying issue with your plumbing. So, it’s best to get it checked.

Everything Looks Cluttered

Back when you designed, you probably didn't assess your future storage requirements well, which means that you may end up with a visibly cluttered bathroom. Or worse, you'd have to store bathroom essentials elsewhere in the house.

If you feel frustrated about not having enough storage in the bathroom, it's best to put your frustration into action. Hire professionals to remodel your bathroom and increase storage space by adding a larger vanity or other cabinets and shelves.

If your bathroom is showing such signs, it’s better to have it remodeled sooner rather than later. And we can help!

We’re a bathroom renovation company in Brooklyn and can transform your entire kitchen to make it look sleek and spacious.

Book a free consultation with us to get an idea of how much a bathroom remodeling can cost in Brooklyn.

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