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5 Design Tricks for Small Kitchens That’s Blow Your Mind

Kitchens are the most functional spaces in any house. And ideally, we’d all want large open kitchens like the ones in typical southern homes, complete with a kitchen island, a huge cooking range, and a breakfast nook.

But the reality is often different, especially if you’re living in a Brooklyn apartment where you probably have a tiny kitchen space with the city noise drifting through the window.

And while for most people, these small kitchens are ideal for the 37 minutes they spend prepping and cooking their food; other New Yorkers spend nearly $19,000a year on kitchen renovations.

We'd say, if you're spending all that money, you might as well do it smartly. Here are a few ideas to try!

Open Up Space

Open kitchens don’t just belong in Southern houses. They can help to change the entire outlook of your apartment too. Remove the walls between the kitchen and living room or dining area. This will create the illusion of more space. And add a kitchen counter or island to separate the two spaces.

Shelves In; Cabinets Out

Cabinets are usually bulky, and they jut out in tiny spaces, blocking light and making everything seem crammed. On the other hand, shelves offer the same storage capacity without making the kitchen look too small and cluttered. You're also less likely to let them get too cluttered, which essentially makes them easier to clean.

Pro Tip: You can also install modular shelves to get the most out of your limited space.

Add A Pull-Out Pantry

Pantries are functional spaces, but unfortunately, you won't find one in a small apartment kitchen. But you can have one created. There are usually many leftover spaces in kitchen corners besides refrigerators and cabinets. Use these spaces for a pantry that rolls out and back in and out of sight!

Keep It Light but Bright

While you should definitely stick to lighter neutral shades for walls, flooring, and cabinets, you can add pops of color here and there to make the space look lively. Pastels are also a great way to give it a softer appeal. Make sure to have plenty of natural and artificial light flooding in to accentuate the color palette.

Sliding Doors for Cabinets

If you're going to keep the cabinets, it's best to install sliding doors on them. Not only are they more convenient to use, but they can also hide all your clutter. Additionally, while you're working, open cabinet doors can make the room look crammed; sliding doors, on the other hand, look the same open or closed.

If you like these ideas but are not quite sure how to use them in your small kitchen, we can help. We’re a kitchen renovation company in Brooklyn and can transform your entire kitchen to make it look sleek and spacious.

Book a free consultation with us to discuss more ideas for kitchen remodeling.

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