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5 Pet-Friendly Features for Kitchen Renovation

Any pet-owner will tell you that their furry friends are part of the family. They are constant companions. So, if you’re considering a kitchen renovation, it only makes sense to factor them in as well. But what does that look like? Obviously, your cat or your dog is not about to cook a gourmet meal, but that doesn’t mean you cannot design your new kitchen to accommodate them.

In this post, we’re going to go over some great pet-friendly features for your kitchen renovation project.

A Built-In Dog Crate/Bed

If your dog has a habit of hanging around the kitchen, you could consider a streamlined design incorporating a built-in dog bed or crate in the corner. It won’t upset the look you’re going for and will be visually appealing.

Pull-Out Food and Water Dishes

As a pet owner, having food and water bowls are essential. But that doesn’t mean you like the look or the feel of them crowding your space. We’re sure you have countless stories of knocking over your pet’s water bowl accidentally.

With that in mind, consider having your contractor design hidden/pull-out pet food and water dishes. This way, you can tuck them away whenever not in use.

Laminate Flooring

Choosing laminate flooring will make it much easier for you to keep it looking clean and new. Laminate flooring doesn’t show scratches and hides pet hair if you opt for a lighter wood design.

Runners or Rugs

If your kitchen has large spaces, consider placing runners or rugs where your pets tend to curl up and relax. This will help keep them in sight, not underfoot. It can keep your pets from slipping too, if you choose to get laminate flooring.

Pet-Safe Kitchen Hardware

As a pet owner, you’ll need to select kitchen hardware that doesn’t have any sharp edges or corners. Consider knobs instead of pulls to avoid having your pet’s paws getting caught in between them. Try to avoid polished surfaces as well, so you don’t have to clean them constantly.

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