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Bathroom Renovation Tips for Small Spaces

Some bathrooms have bizarre layouts and small floor areas, which can make renovation a highly challenging task. However, using some creative strategies and smart ideas, you can convert a small bathroom area into a modern and practical space. All you need to do is choose the right fixtures and declutter, among a few more things.

Here are some useful bathroom renovation tips for small spaces.

Install an over-shower bath

When working with limited space, you don’t necessarily have to decide between a bath and a shower. An over-shower bath is a practical solution that gives you the best of both worlds. The multi-purpose design, like a T-shaped bath, will allow you to take a shower without any hassle. Additionally, you can add a shower curtain to keep water from splashing everywhere.

Think vertical

Small bathrooms don’t give you the flexibility to add large cabinetry and drawers, but there’s a way around it. You can buy narrow but tall storage spaces to make use of the empty space. It will give you plenty of storage to stock essential items. Just make sure to select the right height, so you don’t have to encounter difficulty accessing the repository.

Mount a compact floating vanity in the wall

A compact floating vanity can save a massive amount of space in your bathroom. You can easily mount it on your wall to free the space underneath. It will give a minimalistic and sleek look to your bathroom. Also, it will make cleaning easier. Your renovation professional will help you pick the right vanity design that pair well with other elements in the bathroom.

Attach towel rack to the bathroom door

Even some nifty ideas can save plenty of space in the bathroom, especially when there’s not a lot of area in the first place. Attaching a towel rak to the bathroom door instead of the wall can save additional space on wall, which can be used for a floating shelf. You can stack the remaining towels in the tall storage box.

Replace the conventional door with a pocket door

If you have minimal space in your bathroom, consider replacing your in-swinging entry door with a compact pocket door. It can give you the additional space to add the bathtub that wouldn’t fit or install other fixtures. Given the space constraints, it will also make entering the bathroom more convenient.

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