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Kitchen Renovating: Tapping into Fancy Faucets Debate—Yay or Nay?

A kitchen renovation can be costly. It’s essential to work within your budget to ensure you get the best value out of your newly furnished kitchen. Most homeowners focus on appliances, cabinets, and floor plans and ignore one of the most crucial kitchen elements: faucets. Replacing old, inefficient kitchen faucet should be on top of the list of your renovation plan.

Do you need a fancy faucet in your kitchen? Not necessarily. But if given a choice, we’d highly recommend going for a top-quality fancy faucet due to design and functionality.

Let’s find out more.


Unlike cheap tapware manufactured in bulk quantities, high-quality fancy faucets are designed and handcrafted by professionals who take care of all the details to provide a comfortable and premium experience to users. Top brands have a reputation to protect; hence they don’t cut corners and ensure customers are satisfied with the product.

Though cheap replicas of fancy faucets are available in the market, they are no match for the quality of the high-end options. When renovating your kitchen, opting for a fancy faucet is a smart choice. It’s a one-time investment that will help you maximize the aesthetic appeal of your newly furnished kitchen.


Fancy faucets are called fancy for a reason. In addition to exquisite design, these faucets offer additional functionalities that set them apart from the regular ones. For example, many fancy faucets come with pull-down sprayers that can expand your reach. It means the next time you want to boil water for pasta; you don’t have to move your pot from the stove.

While many budget tapware also offers the same function, poor-quality docking makes the experience rather inconvenient. That’s not the case with high-end faucets that come with a magnetic docking station, and even automatic retraction, and various other features like adjustable spray patterns and 360-degree swivel to provide more flexibility.

The final verdict

Fancy faucets pass both the design and the functionality test, so they undoubtedly make an excellent choice for an upgrade when renovating your kitchen. Expensive high-end fancy faucets are available in a larger variety of finishes, including unlacquered brass, brushed bronze, mystic silver, rose gold, etc., to complement the color scheme of your renovated kitchen.

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