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NYC Condo Renovation Tips to Keep Your Project on Track

NYC condos have always appealed to homeowners all over the United States. According to statistics, 25% of Manhattan real estate is composed of condos while the other belongs to coops and condos. With house sale prices going up and the median prices for condos going down this year, many people are investing their money in buying and renovating condos in New York.

Many people prefer buying updated condos because they don’t burden homeowners with the same maintenance responsibilities as properties like private homes do.

However, many condos require extensive layout changes and renovations to fit the needs of the new residents. An important thing to remember about condo renovations is that they tend to get delayed and take a long time to complete unless you plan them strategically.

Here are some expert tips for smooth and timely condo renovation in New York:

Read and Understand the Alteration Agreement in Its Entirety

Before you start renovation on your condo, you need to sign an alteration agreement with the condo board. Make sure you include all pertinent details in the contract and are clear about the rules, regulations, and restrictions the board has imposed on renovation projects for the condo. This will prevent you from causing any damage to the structure of the building and avoid a legal mess that can put your project on hold.

Double-Check to Avoid Mistakes or Delays

Most renovation horror stories focus on mistakes made while ordering various materials, fixtures, and fittings. Make sure you double-check each order form and read it multiple times for any fine print before confirming it to avoid mid-project changes. Similarly, read every line of the contract you sign with the renovation contractors to make sure it includes all the pertinent details you need for your project to avoid costly last-minute additions.

Choose A Cooperative and Experienced Renovation Contractor

The best way to make sure your remodeling project is completed in a timely fashion is to hire experienced and cooperative renovation contractors. They should have in-depth knowledge of where to get the best and most reasonably priced material for the remodeling project that will be delivered on time. They should also promise to stay within budget and give you a proper timeline for the project completion. And finally, the contractor should be flexible and take any changes you might want to make mid-project, in stride.

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