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Pros and Cons of DIY Remodeling

It’s time to update your home, and you’re probably considering DIY remodeling.

Though DIY remodeling may be tempting, don’t go for it until you haven’t considered every aspect of the process. Here’s our list of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

The Pros

DIY remodeling is a boon for those remodeling on a budget. If the area you want to renovate isn’t that big, it’s much more convenient to remodel it yourself. You’re in control of your budget, your timeline, and your house— you’re basically your own boss. You can make a flexible schedule and timeline for yourself, and it’s a great way to hone your problem-solving skills. DIY projects will make you work your way around problems and around the house, making it a good activity to keep yourself physically fit and busy.

The Cons

Home renovations require a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re going down the DIY route. Depending on the scope of your project, completion time can vary. If you’ve got a job, a household, and other responsibilities to worry about and attend to, then DIY remodeling might not be the right choice for you. It’s also much harder to keep on schedule while DIY remodeling, making completion time a little more obscure. Plus, every project has its own milestone— and sometimes, those milestones are intermingled with other projects. Attending to the walls, floor, and ceiling at the same time usually isn’t a one-person job, and can take a lot of time.

Another con of DIY remodeling is keeping in line with different city codes and permits. Obtaining permission, ensuring your work is code compliant and up to date takes a lot of time, but can be handled easily by professional contractors. Professional contractors also ensure quality work— something that isn’t guaranteed in DIY remodeling projects.

The Verdict

Instead of going through the hassle of remodeling your home on your own, why don’t save up time, resources, and a whole lotta stress by hiring experienced contractors? Parker KBI has experienced and licensed professionals in NYC and Brooklyn who will help you with your interior renovations every step of the way! Be it your kitchen, your bathroom, or your living room, our team will be able to renovate every corner of your home.

Get in touch with us at 929-359-7277 or email us at for more info on our services.

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