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Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

When renovating, a lot of things can go wrong. Pipes can burst, you can hit an electrical unit, or you can accidentally knock down a wall. Yeah, you'd be surprised at how much that happens.

Home improvement projects can take a lot of time and money if not done properly. Whether you've hired professionals or are embarking on a DIY project, here are some of the most common renovation mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs!

Using Cheap Materials

Using cheap materials for your reconstruction project is like shooting yourself in your own foot. Though budget restrictions may make it very tempting to cut down on quality materials, don't do it. Trust us.

With high-quality materials, you not only get an excellent finish, but the buck is worth the bang. They last longer, look better, and are much more functional, helping you cut down on costs over time while increasing your home's resale value. If you really need to cut corners, we suggest forgoing unnecessary things such as kitchen backsplash, cabinet hardware, and the likes.

Forgetting to Budget

Plan your budget, and stick to it. Though, remember— it's going to cost more than you think it will. That's why it's always safe to have an extra 10–20% saved up in your bank than your initial estimate.

Your renovation budget should be defined based on the space you're remodeling and your home's overall value. Your renovation should add to the resale value of the home instead of taking away from it, meaning you should be budgeting and spending money on timeless and useful items such as hardwood flooring.

Adopting a DIY Method

Though it's okay to do a DIY remodel when working on smaller projects, know when it's time to admit defeat. Tasks such as structural and electrical changes, plumbing, and roofing are quite dangerous to perform without experience, and should best be left to the professionals. If you try to do it all yourself, you may get hurt or cause damage to your home, which will take a lot more money to repair.

Instead, hire the experienced and licensed contractors at Parker KBI who guarantee to help you with your interior renovations every step of the way! Be it your kitchen, your bathroom, or your living room, our team will be able to renovate every corner of your home in NYC and Brooklyn.

Get in touch with us at 929-359-7277 or email us at for more info on our services.

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