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Signs Your Bathroom Needs Renovating

Your bathroom is probably a frequently used room. Over time, it's likely to suffer from wear and tear. Even then, people choose not to renovate it because it’s used all the time. As a result, bathrooms become outdated and suffer from several issues. This can take a toll on your sanity, bathroom and of course, your budget. You shouldn’t let it get to that point. Watch out for the signs which indicate your bathroom needs renovation and take action. Here are some of them:

You See Leaks

Leaks are a definite sign that your bathroom needs repair. Doesn't matter if the leak is in your sink, shower, or toilet. If you don’t do something about the leak, it can be detrimental to your house. The water might gather around electrical outlets and even soak through the plaster or drywall. If you have linoleum or tiled floor, water can easily seep through it and cause problems underneath the floor. Even if you have a slow leak, it can still cause damage. That’s because it’s easy to miss. Look out for subtle signs such as leaking in damp areas or cracked tiles. Catching leaks earlier on can prevent the wastage of up to 1 trillion gallons of water nationwide.

Outdated Designs and Layout

Some bathrooms haven’t aged well. Others were attractive at one point; now they need a change. Regardless of the reason, you should opt for a renovation. Moreover, if you have a bathroom that’s messy and cluttered, it’s a sign that you need to organize it properly. Think about a different layout or find alternative ways to store your stuff.

Safety Features

You might have to install safety features to help your loved ones. Homeowners who plan to age in their house will have to update their bathroom to make it more accessible and functional. You could put in showers instead of a bathtub and add handrails to the wall. Moreover, you could also install a higher sink or toilet.

Floor Damage

Remember, a water leak isn't always visible. It can seep down to your floorboard and cause damage. If the floor is lifting or discolored, it may be time for renovation. You might have to replace the floors completely. The renovation can become intensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

Parker Kitchen Bath Interiors Can Help

Renovating a bathroom costs $5000. If you’re looking for a bathroom renovation contractor in Brooklyn, NYC, you can give us a call. We offer a range of services for our clients. If you have a question, message us and we’ll get back to you.

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