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Top NYC Apartment Interior Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Like most other businesses, renovation projects were shut down since the coronavirus infection was given a pandemic status, and the U.S. government implemented strict lockdown and social distancing regulations. However, businesses have been allowed to open since early June, which includes renovation contractors. While contractors and remodelers have to follow stricter SOPs to ensure the safety of their workers and residents, there has been a steady rise in residential renovations since June 2020.

While investing in an apartment renovation is a big decision, now is the perfect time to get some work done on your NYC apartment before your routine life gets back to normal, and you have to go back to the office for work. Before going ahead with an apartment remodel for your New York City home, check out the common renovation mistakes that can increase the costs and extend the remodeling project’s duration:

Replacing Old Windows

Replacing old windows for apartments is an expensive and often unnecessary renovation. The average replacement cost for window replacement can easily run five figures. A better option would be to get the trim, or the borders repainted, and the windows cleaned by professionals to make them look new again. Only replace the windows if they are leaking, or if the apartment is getting poor energy ratings due to less natural light.

Big and Chunky Furniture

Unless you have a lot of money to spare and large open spaces in your NYC apartment, big and chunky furniture is a big no-no. Top interior designers recommend getting functional and compact furniture that easily fits in the available space and won’t end up covering most of the floor. It should also not hinder your ability to move about the apartment freely without bumping into the furniture or stubbing your toe (ouch!).

Going Too Bold

While bold color choices look good in some places, they are not the right choice for small spaces of mist NYC apartments. Bold colors tend to take away the brightness of the room and mute the natural light flowing into the room. Neutral colors are the latest design trend and can make any room look brighter and bigger. If you want to go bold, make sure the room has a lot of space and gets plenty of natural sunlight.

Too Many High-End Fixtures

If you are impressed by the opulence of Arab countries or the lavishness of interior spaces on your last trip to Dubai, you might be tempted to get high-end fixtures for your home. While gold-plated faucets and expensive hardwood flooring might look good for a short time, you’ll soon grow tired of the extensive maintenance they require. Choose simple and functional fixtures and flooring choices that are easy to manage and last longer.

Attempting DIY Renovation

A lot of people these days are guilty of attempting DIY projects that way out of their abilities after watching a few videos on YouTube. Even though it might be tempting to replace old fixtures and repaint your entire apartment while social distancing measures are in place, you might do more damage than good. Renovation and interior design experts strongly recommend not trying to do parts of home improvement yourself to avoid damaging the structure of your apartment.

Expert Interior Remodeling Contractors In New York City

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