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Tough Calls — Choosing Between A Kitchen or A Bathroom Remodel

If there are any two spaces in the houses that have the most potential to boost your home’s value, they’re the kitchen and the bathroom. So, it makes perfect sense to keep them in top shape all the time.

But if you look up remodeling costs, you'll find that redesigning these two spaces requires a lot of work and finances. A typical kitchen remodel could cost anywhere from $12,567 to $34 962. While bathroom remodels cost around $10,789.

And while both remodels are crucial for the home and are best done together, sometimes you may have to choose which to take on first.

Consider Your Budget

If you're forced to choose between the remodeling projects, the chances are that you're already starting with a low budget, in which case you should probably go for the renovation with lower costs, i.e., the bathroom.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that there are always hidden costs that can spike up, for instance, plumbing issues. Moreover, if you have more than one bathroom, the total cost of renovating them could exceed that of the kitchen.

What’s More Urgent

While both are incredibly functional spaces, if you have to choose one, you need to take a closer look at what needs urgent attention. For instance, if the bathroom is in dire need of repairs, while you were just going for a new look for the kitchen, maybe doing the bathroom first is a better approach.

Moreover, it's worth considering that many families don't spend too much time in the kitchen nowadays. In fact, surveys suggest that, on average, Americans only spend about 37 minutes in the kitchen. In which case, you can totally survive with an outdated kitchen for a few more months.

What Would Cause More Disruption?

This again is an essential deciding factor. Remodeling could mean a lot of noise and disruption to your daily life and routine. However, if one bathroom is being remodeled, you can use another one—given that you have more than one.

But typically, people only have one kitchen. However, you can always eat out or have food delivered to get by while the work is going on. Assess your lifestyle and see what you can live without for a few days, and choose to renovate that first.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, let us help. We’re professional interior contractors in NYC and have undertaken countless such projects.

We can help you with kitchen and bathroom remodeling simultaneously or separately, depending on your preference.

Book a free consultation with us to discuss further options.

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